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Victor & Albert’s new show will be revealed to the public on Saturday 16 March, 2019. Kimpton Village Memorial Hall.

The time has come. The country needs change. We, Victor and Albert will rid it of its woe and distract it during these dark times. We will bring joy into people’s hearts. Help us spread the word by Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, word of mouth or any other means. Talking. Yes, talk to your friends. Let’s spread a textually transmitted virus.

The date: Saturday 16th March 2019

The place: Kimpton Memorial Hall

The time: 730pm

The price: £15 (all tickets) This includes any bloody booking fee.

Certificate: Please don’t bring children. We suggest 13 years and above.

Doors and bar at 7pm. (Bar profits to Kimpton Primary School)

Join us for something entirely new. Yes - brand new and highly original. Indescribable in fact. A wonderful evening full of a variety of different things to amaze and entertain you. Things you won’t expect. Things you won’t believe we will attempt before your very eyes and all glued together with a narrative to keep you on the edge of your seats.

WARNING: Contains scenes of peril, gun-shots, jeopardy, near-death experience and simulated nudity. Ticket price includes booking fee. Terms and condition available on our website. No money back guarantee! Satisfaction at your own risk.

How to enjoy Victor & Albert

We’re jolly good you know. Why not find out more about us? We offer a range of services both public and private. Whatever we do, we do it very well and have a lot of fun. You can:

  • Come to a performance

  • Book us for an event, party, anniversary or corporate bash

  • Book us to perform in your town or village

Your incredible talent, sense of humour and timing gave us a wonderful evening of non-stop laughter!
— Bev Caner

Public Shows

We are often found performing in public spaces. Anything from a local theatre to a well equipped shed. If you email he’ll add you to our mailing list and let you know where we are and what we are up to. He’ll also send you a link to purchase tickets, if that is your desire.


We’ll do anything for money. If you wish to book us for a private event, a corporate bash, after dinner fun, a special anniversary, a select event or gig, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email us.

We’d be delighted to make your evening complete.

Personalised Songs

One lovely service we’ve provided for our friends and customers over the years is that of song writing. If you have a special occasion which you wish to celebrate in a really special way, we can write a song for you.

A unique gift for a special event.

About the ACT...

Victor and Albert have been delighting the audiences of England's fair shires for more than six years now. Growing ever stronger in popularity, these two chaps can entertain and delight a crowd for an entire evening and leave them crying for more at the end of the night.  With songs of joy and merriment, and the odd double-entendre, the old chaps have a penchant for distracting any crowd from distraction itself and leaving entire villages and communities uplifted with their sides aching. 

Musical comedy is their speciality. For a fun-packed evening of entertainment, slap-stick, audience-participation and non-stop belly laughs, you should look no further! Victor and Albert have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, at Sideshow (Leicester Sq Theatre), the Ghillie Dhu, The Cellar Door, The Pleasance Islington and numerous other venues and private parties. 

So, if you want us, you can book us or come to a gig. If you want to join the mailing list, email Albert ‘s agent -

Recommended ages 16+

Contact Victor and Albert’s agent - Mr Roly Taylor ESQ.

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